Configure the CAS client

The CAS client parameters can be set on the CASAdapter subclasses.

Server information

You must at least fill these attributes on an adapter class.

CASAdapter.url = None
CASAdapter.version = None

Client parameters


Controls presence of renew in requests to the CAS server.

If True, opt out single sign-on (SSO) functionality of the CAS server. So that, user is always prompted for his username and password.

If False, the CAS server does not prompt users for their credentials if a SSO exists.

The default allows user to connect via an already used CAS server with other credentials.

Returns:True if logged in user has already connected to Django using any CAS provider in the current session, False otherwise.


A SSO session is created when user successfully authenticates against the server, which let an HTTP cookie in the browser current session. If SSO is enabled (renew = False), server checks this cookie, if any, to bypass the request of user credentials. Depending on the server configuration and user input at login time, CAS server replies to login page requests with a warning page, or transparently redirects to the callback url (path to come back to your web service).